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Mining Services

ABGM’s core business is Mining Engineering and associated consulting for open pit and underground mines. We are able to explore, study, refine, optimize and execute any project with value to the client on all commodities, on any continent. Our primary skills are within the exploration, mineral evaluations, planning, designing, costing, Techno-economic assessments, Ore Reserve Estimation with sign-off and execution stages. Utilising various industry proven software, we are able to design and schedule mining operations whilst conduction various trade-offs on a variety of optimised solutions to our clients. ABGM’s exceptional ability to think out of the box has been well proven and shown with our ability to retain clients due to exceptional value enhancement and drives home our motto – Our Insight is Your Foresight.

Strategic Mine Planning

This includes mine design, planning and optimisation after the resource has been delineated and declared. ABGM has capabilities to provide offsite mine planning services, as well as serving as an auxillary or support to the client’s mining department to conclude principal mine design requirements. The following are the prime sub-sectors of mine planning we have capabilities in:

  • Strategic mine planning (conceptual)
  • Short-term mine planning
  • Long-term mine planning

Underground Mining

Openpit Mining

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The A&B Global mining team strive to provide our clients with the best range of solutions and expertise through our four key objectives:


Consistently surpass client expectations


Grow capabilities and proficiencies


Greater solution footprint for our clients


Innovate to create value for clients